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                                              St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church                                              Maggie Valley, North Carolina  28751

Faith Formation

To help our young people deepen their Catholic faith and give them a genuine experience of Christian Community.


The goal of Faith Formation is to provide for the spiritual growth of every member of the Parish: to model the love of Jesus for our children, grow the faith of youth and adults and welcome newcomers to the church and to the faith.

We strive in partnership with parents to teach children and youth to know, love, and follow Jesus in our Catholic Faith. With the help of God, the parents and our parish, we hope to bring children into the fullness of Christian life through Catechesis, Prayer, and Liturgy.

Statement of Goals

Parent-Teacher Partnership

Parents are the primary educators of their children. Religious educators help in the process of education by presenting the fundamental of the Catholic Faith.

Exposure to Catholicism’s Major Teaching, Beliefs, and Practices

We use an approved catechetical textbook series that approaches religious education systematically.

Help in Sacramental Preparation

Sacramental preparation programs are essential to the parish religious education program, the children and youth, and their parents.

Age-Appropriate Catechesis and Methodology

The program’s goal is to build on a foundation so children and youth will understand and live their faith.

A Curriculum Rich in Content and Experience

Both content and experience are a part of the curriculum. Information is only a part of the process. The information should lead to transformation. Children and youth must see and experience their religion being lived out.

A Deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through the Eucharistic Celebration

Through catechesis, prayer experiences, and parent involvement, children and youth will desire a deeper relationship with Jesus through participation in the Eucharistic Celebration-Mass



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