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Spiritual Experiences

Story 1:


At the beginning of February, 2016, I was diagnosed  as having Renal Cell Carcinoma in my right kidney. On February 21st, I attended a Healing Mass to receive the Anointing of the Sick sacrament before my surgery. After the service, Father Benonis announced anyone who wished  to have prayers said for them were welcome. My wife encouraged  me to participate and admittedly with some reservations I did.


As I sat in a chair near the altar as four people surrounded me and began praying. I felt like a doubting Thomas and I asked God to forgive me. Minutes passed and then I suddenly felt a strange feeling which is best described as electricity passing through my body. I started crying but I did  not know why.


After the prayers were completed, I stood up with tears in my eyes and feeling somewhat embarrassed  and left the church where my wife was waiting for me in our car. She asked me why I was crying, and I could not explain.


Days passed and on February 24th , I arrived at the hospital for my surgery. The weather was stormy and the hospital lost electrical power. While many surgeries were cancelled that day, my surgery was not since I was the first scheduled surgery and I was fully prepped. Hours later, I was operated on. Everything seemed normal until 2 days later.


The doctor walked and said " I have been doing these typed surgeries for 21 years and I have had only 2 that were not cancerous." I looked at him confused.  He continued to say " only 2 were not cancerous, and you are one of the 2."  I began to cry again, then smiled, extended my hand to the Doctor to show my appreciation  and then I thanked God for such a wonderful gift. I felt the electricity once more and received a thought saying "Tell others I exist by telling your story."  Well, God exists and I am blessed to tell you this story. Amen.

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