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                                              St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church                                              Maggie Valley, North Carolina  28751

Catholic Resources:

The Vatican


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


The mission of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is to support the ministry of bishops with an emphasis on evangelization, by which the bishops exercise in a communal and collegial manner certain pastoral functions entrusted to them by the Lord Jesus of sanctifying, teaching, and governing.


Diocese of Charlotte


We, the people of God in the Diocese of Charlotte, fortified in the Father, redeemed in the Son, empowered in the Spirit, are called to grow ever more perfectly into a community of praise, worship, and witness. We seek to become evermore enthusiastically a leaven of service and a sign of peace through love in Piedmont and Western North Carolina.



Living Waters Catholic Reflection Center


Living Waters Catholic Reflection Center is meant to be an experience in Spirituality for the participants and includes personal reflection, conferences and the opportunity to dialogue on such topics as are indicated in our schedule of directed retreats. We strive to maintain this community as a priviledged place for encountering God. This retreat is especially recommended for all those who wish to pray and seek guidance. All are welcomed.


The New American Bible


Catholic Encyclopedia


Saint of the Day


Vatican Museums

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May 4th: Catholic Committee of Appalachia meeting starting at 10:30AM to 2PM in the Murphy Hall with a pot luck lunch. Open to all faith based people interested in our Appalachia environment

May 20th: Armed Forces Day Dinner by the Knights of Columbus.


August 19th: Car Showand Garage Sale




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